Al Marej Organic Food Store

The healthy & natural Lebanese alternative

About Al Marej Organic Food Store

At the heart of Beirut Achrafieh district, Al Marej Organic Food Store is a One Stop Organic Food destination for consumers who shop for healthy food with a real taste.

2010_0605general0204At Al Marej Organic Food Store you can fill your shopping basket with a variety of local, fresh quality produce directly from Lebanese Farms, fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, preserves, fine herbs and other delicacies.

Al Marej Organic Food Store highlights the organic farm experience and contributes constructively to develop rural areas & farms in Lebanon, organizing visiting tours to those farms for consumers to have direct interaction with nature and experience real farming.


Al Marej - 62Vision

A healthy way of life is a fundamental pillar of personal wellbeing and contributes to the sustainable development of the community at large

Food safety and quality are our priority and we consider that respect for food, its origins and its supply chain are essential to sustain our  business model.



  • To offer the Lebanese consumer the best organically grown produce and safely transformed food items
  • To allow the Lebanese farmers and agricultural producers build momentum for the sustainable development of the organic agriculture sector
  • To serve all stakeholders with integrity and transparency
  • To promote a sustainable approach to the environment in Lebanon and the safeguard of an unpolluted ecosystem for future generations

2 thoughts on “About Al Marej Organic Food Store

  1. We’d like to know about the prices please.
    There are many organic brands on the market. But unfortunuatly, it’s not affordable. For exemple, 1 kilo of carrots = 7000 LL.
    As a mother of 3 children, I find it too exaggerating . And I’m not the only one. Thank u

    • Dear Mrs Hibeich
      Thank you for your comment.
      I suggest you call the shop 01 210211 or gives us with your email and we will be very glad to provide you with the price list. Ask for Maya (morning) or Lara (afternoon).
      Al Marej Team

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