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Dairy: Organic or conventional? Local or imported?

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From cheeses to cooked dishes, breads and cakes, the quality of the dairy products makes a big difference in the taste and nutrition value of the products offered to the Lebanese consumer. Many people have already made the switch to organic cow and goat dairy products that are readily available in Al Marej Organic Food Store. (Call 01 210 211)

Organic dairy products are quickly becoming more than just specialized products for those who choose to eat organic. They are a nutritious source of animal protein made without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms that are often associated with conventional dairy production.

Choosing organic Lebanese dairy products makes for a healthier lifestyle and helps build a well-knit community. Here are six good reasons why you should seriously consider Lebanese organic dairy over the conventional or imported choice.

1.     Connecting with our farmers

The Lebanese family farmer is a vanishing breed because of the difficulty of getting the right price for the produce. By buying our dairy locally, the importer and middleman disappear and the farmer gets a better chunk of the retail price, which helps him continue to farm organically. By getting to know the farmers who grow our food, we build understanding, trust and a connection to our society and our environment.

When we buy and consume locally produced dairy we help the viability of local farms; we contribute to preserve open space for grazing animals, enhances the countryside and promotes the survival of our environment and treasured Lebanese agricultural landscape. By spending our money on locally grown dairy, we’re increasing the value of the land to the farmer and making messy development less likely.

In addition, we buy local we cut the use of fossil fuels and we help to protect the environment from the harmful exhaust fumes.

2.     Hormones our bodies do not need

The effects of Bovine Growth Hormones (BGH) on humans  regularly studied and monitored in Canada, the USA and Europe. BGH is a hormone that increases the amount of milk each cow produces. But as humans, we do not need BGH in our bodies. One study, linked the exposure to BGH with the growth of cancerous cells in the breasts, colon, and prostate of humans.

The Certified Organic dairy milk from which our products derive, does not contain BGH and is thus free of this long-term risk associated with consuming commercial milk.

3.     Antibiotics should be limited to doctors’ prescription

Farmers regularly add antibiotics to animal feed whether the animals are sick or not to speed up the growth of the cows and to fight disease and infection that regularly appear in the unclean environment they live in and inhumane treatment they receive. The antibiotics pass into the commercial milk supply and on to humans and cause several health problems of which a resistance to almost every antibiotic that doctors  prescribe. Organic breeders do not administer antibiotics to their cattle, which makes them safe for humans to consume.

4.     Clean water is safer for us and our families

The idea using pesticides in the beginning was a good idea, and then we started thinking, “Where does all that pesticide go to when it rains?” The answer is that it seeps into the streams, rivers and wells. It increases fluoride and mercury levels absorbed by plants that are later turned into feed for animals. The pesticides contained in the feed are released into the blood stream of the animals and, when we eat the animals’ by-products like milk, we ingest the chemicals as well.

Organic animals eat organic feed that was grown without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. When you buy organic cheese, yogurt, milk and eggs you know you are getting clean food because animals grazed freely and were fed locally grown feed free from pesticides.

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5.     Organic cows and goats are free to graze in open pastures

The organic dairy animals from which we get our products have access to pastures, the outdoors, sun and shade, exercise, and fresh air. They are treated more humanely than the animals raised on conventional farms. Organic animals graze outdoors in the sun, whenever they want.

6. Organic dairy tastes better

Butter is creamier, milk tastier, yoghurt and labneh smoother-yummier, organic cheese usually tastes better than processed and are better for us.


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